Healing Care | Terry Wardle
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This ministry exists to empower Christians for the journey and equip Caregivers to help those in need.
— Terry Wardle
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Our desire is to see followers of Jesus Christ grow in their relationship with God and personal identity, authority and purpose. We create resources, events and programs to empower individuals of all ages and stages on their journey. 



Our desire is to equip professional and lay Caregivers with practices that can be use to position people for lasting change in the presence of Jesus through the Holy Spirit. We create resources, events and programs that incorporate an integration of Christian Spirituality and Behavioral Sciences for a wholistic approach to healing and wholeness. 



That Create Space To Encounter God And Grow



with insights for the Christian journey


Welcome To Slingstones 

With images from the life of King David and the Prophet Zachariah this introductory episode explains the name and vision for our weekly podcast.

An Awareness exercise (Part One) 

This week we seek to learn how to position ourselves to be present to the presence of God. 

An Awareness Exercise (Part Two)

In part two of our Awareness Exercise we continue to practice being present to the presence of God. 



That Empower and Equip

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